BaytSigner, the new Safari based Cydia Impactor replacement [No PC required]

Ever since the Yalu jailbreak was released, users have complained about its limitations from needing a PC to install to having to reinstall via Cydia impactor after the 7 day signing window expires.

In comes BaytSigner, the new on-the-go Safari based Cydia Impactor replacement that is capable of signing and sideloading apps without the need for a computer

The benefits though for such a tool go beyond those too lazy or inconvenienced to use a PC to jailbreak their devices every seven days but real suffers like the one below:

Cydia Impactor, iTunes Issue, baytsigner

BaytSigner replicates what Cydia Impactor does but without the need for a computer essentially turning your smartphone/tablet into the ONLY device needed to re-jailbreak it.

And an internet connection it seems as this is a web app that loads through the Safari browser for signing and sideloading of apps on iPhones and iPads.

While BaytSigner at the time of writing this article is still in beta stage and is only limited to signing and installing Luca Todesco’s yalu102 jailbreak app, it’s expected to be a full Cydia Impactor replacement.

Moreover, it is rumored to get more functionality capable of signing and sideloading any app. This may be a disadvantage to hard working iOS developers as this may be used for nefarious gains of piracy, it comes as a huge relief to those users that simply want freedom on their devices and break the shackles that Apple arbitrarily places on their products.

It is also currently in beta stage, but will hopefully be extended with more functionality in the future to allow signing and sideloading of any app. At the moment though, it is useful for those who need to re-jailbreak their device after the 7-day certificate has expired, and they aren’t, or can’t get near a computer to do it via Cydia Impactor. So if you’re out and about with an expired yalu102 certificate, you can use this to install yalu102 with a fresh certificate right on the device itself. No computer is required.

The service can be accessed via the webpage from the device that you are want to sideload/jailbreak then enter your Apple ID, password, and UDID. (seen below)

UDID stands for Unique Device IDentifier and it can be found if you ever connected your device to iTunes. To find what yours is, follow this link from your idevice


Now it is important to note that even though just like Cydia Impactor made by Saurik, the developer of BaytSigner stated your Apple ID and password will be sent to Apple’s Servers ONLY and we won’t also save your UDIDs at all because we really made it to make your life easier ( ONLY )”, it is also recommended to use a burner apple id because:

  • If you use the site for the first time (all your current developement certificates will be revoked)
  • If a Paid developer account is used, it will crashes your current installed apps.

One last note to close with is that a full auto-signing tool is being developed by Saurik which will remove the 7 day certificate expiry window that Yalu102 stuggles from so we can look forward to that.

However, in the time being I hope you find the release of BaytSigner a breath of fresh air.



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  1. Sumeet gupte says:

    After all the process it is showing unable to install yalu102 at this time…pls help

  2. Sumeet's Gupte says:

    How can I download it from cydia pls explain..

  3. shahroz says:

    soo nice

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