Be Green at Work and at Home

There is a lot of emphasis these days on being green and helping to preserve the environment. Being more environmentally friendly and working to lower your carbon footprint is important.

But when it comes down to it, not many people know where to start. All the good intentions in the world are wasted without an understanding of what to actually do. Therefore, here are a couple of ways that you can start to be greener.

Travel Green

Traveling green can have a big effect on the environment. A big cause of pollution is due to cars burning fuel unnecessarily.

There are a couple of ways that you can start to take actions against this. When it comes to work, a lot of people commute in separate cars. People from areas close to each other who drive along the same roads every morning and night could both save money and help the environment by carpooling.

For those traveling shorter routes each day, switching to a bicycle will be much better for the environment as it doesn’t affect it at all.

Public transport can also help you cut down on your carbon footprint, and sometimes it can cost less than going by car. Trains or buses travel to many places regularly, so finding a route near you shouldn’t be too hard.

Learn about your carbon footprint

Learning about your carbon footprint can help you a lot in terms of tackling it. Your carbon footprint is what effect you are having on the environment yourself, and normally it can be quite hard to work out.

However, there are now phone apps available that help you work out what your carbon footprint is. Downloading one of these phone apps and utilising it can teach you a lot about the affect you’re having, and then you can do your best to tackle it.

Technology can do wonders for being green

As well as phone apps, automated monitoring systems could be used to help you be greener. A system that monitors your electricity usage can make you realise just how much you’re using and help cut down.

This automated monitoring system can not only be useful in your home, but also at work. Showing your boss how much of an effect their business is having on the environment can help them to cut down too. This will have a bigger effect than any single person would.

Cutting down on electricity can be done a number of ways. Replacing standard bulbs with energy efficient alternatives is a good start. Making sure computers and televisions are turned off when they aren’t being used also helps.

Reduce use of paper

Reducing the amount of paper used can help preserve the environment due to less trees being cut down. Both in the home and at work, the use of paper can be cut down drastically.

Email is faster than post and also saves paper, so using email more can help to reduce paper usage. If you avoid printing unless absolutely necessary, it will also go towards saving paper.

Written by guest author Crispin Jones on behalf of Xibis experts in automated monitoring and phone applications. Find out more about phone apps here.


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