Home technology: A helping hand or a burden?

As spring slowly turns to summer, the commercials, ads, radio spots and reviews for home and garden products are everywhere. The latest lawnmower or pool or home theater system is on everybody’s mind this time of year. Many of these products are rapidly improving due to advances in technology. Electronics have gotten smarter, smaller and faster every year and have caused rapid development in home technology products. Are all of the upgrades worth it, though? Should homeowners really be investing their money into an upgrade in their home’s technology?

Home technology can be a divisive issue among many homeowners. Some see new advances in technology as unnecessary or headache-inducing while others view cutting edge products as helpful. Those seeking to live the ‘simple life’ often avoid products like LED televisions, in-wall speakers or the latest security systems. Still, it’s tough to argue against the usefulness of many of the new products available for homeowners.

Security related products, for instance, help give homeowners peace of mind when they are away from their houses. They allow owners to get live video of their home and ensure that their kids or pets are safe; and advanced systems even offer control of lighting and HVAC systems.

Other new technologies offer convenience that can’t be had by sticking to the simple life. Motorized shades allow you to automatically open and close shades with a remote control— an easy way to transform a space into an entirely different environment on the fly. New dishwashers are quieter than ever, more energy efficient and use less resources.

If you are on a tight budget or enjoy a life of simplicity, though, you can always settle for manual shades and hand wash all of your dishes. In the end, home technology really is a matter of preference. To one family, the latest gadgets might be just what they have been waiting for and their lives could be considerably improved. To another, a small, simple home environment is all that they really desire and a new toy will only complicate and clutter things.

The most important thing is keeping everything in proper priority. The new television set shouldn’t be more important than a new roof or heating system for the house. Making sure all of the vital functions are running smoothly should always be more important than the latest gadget.

In the end, everybody has to find what amount of home technology is best for you and your family and stick to it! We all have our own unique lifestyle and advances in home technology should only serve to better our lives.


Guest post provided by Michelle.


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