How Would Your Company Use a Cloud Storage Solution?

Marketing information can only tell you so much about a service or product that is useful. If you really want to understand how a service will benefit your company, then you need to see real world examples that you can plug in to your business situation and help give you a common point of reference. It is easier to sell something to someone when you show what the product can do as opposed to explaining a list of features. Your company can benefit from a cloud storage solution, however, rather than list a bunch of the features and benefits of a cloud solution, it is better to give you some examples you can identify with.

As you sit at your desk, you start to read the daily sales figures and you realize that your company is growing at a respectable pace. This is the kind of news you have been waiting to hear for a long time and you figure that your current company structure can handle the upswing in business, which would save you from having to spend any money to accommodate the new business. However there is one crucial factor to consider, which is with more business comes more data. Your company will need to invest in an elaborate storage and backup system or risk having to start turning business away. A cloud storage solution will allow you to add all of the data you want without having to spend a fortune on new hardware, software and personnel.

Your growing company requires you and your staff to be out of the office more often visiting clients and building relationships. When you are out of the office, you still need to access the data and applications that are on your server. You can spend the money on securing an Internet portal to your server or you can try to set up a virtual network that you and your staff can access. The easier way to solve this problem is to use a cloud storage solution that allows everyone to access whatever data they need at any time and from any location. You just made your data mobile and did not have to do a thing.

When your company starts growing, you will need to start thinking about the infrastructure costs of growth. If you get involved in a cloud storage solution early in the growth process, then you can address all of your needs without having to worry about how your growth may hurt the company’s bottom line.


Learn how a cloud storage solution provides numerous distinct advantages over traditional in-house IT deployment models.


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