Pangu 8.0-8.1.x Untether Update

Previously we blogged about Pangu releasing an update making the jailbreak more stable on iOS8 (Full article here)

Once again, we have another exciting update from the Pangu team regarding a new release (Version 0.3)

The screenshots below show details of what the new 0.3 release brings/fixes:

Pangu 8.0-8.1.x Untether Update


We also see an update from Pangu regarding the passcode compatibility and bootloop fixed we covered here

Pangu 8.0-8.1.x Untether Update


Changes in Pangu 8.0-8.1.x Untether Update

Version 0.3 of this package fixes the issue where, on 32-bit devices (iPod 5, iPhone 4S/5, iPad 2, iPad Mini 1) a specific background process (launchd) would sometimes “spin”, burning CPU and battery, or even heating up.

Important Note about Pangu 8.0-8.1.x Untether Update

Before installing updates to this package (which will require a reboot), if, after the first time you ran Cydia on this device, you used the iTunes “restore from backup” feature (or otherwise used iTunes or iCloud to put old data back on your device), please now reinstall Cydia Installer (by going to that package and tapping Modify, Reinstall, and Confirm) to make sure your device can safely reboot with a passcode enabled.

While this update was specifically for 32-bit devices mentioned above, it caused problems for 64-bit devices and so it has been pulled from Cydia. Saurik posted the justification behind the update being pulled:

Some users on 64-bit devices are reporting mild to serious issues with this package. According to the Pangu team, they have changed almost nothing on 64-bit, and have not seen the issue themselves in their testing. We have pulled the package anyway, and the people at Pangu are working on doing a more detailed analysis of the issue.

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