Weekly Newsletter – 2012-04-22

Weekly Newsletter – 2012-04-22

pictureA Few Cool Interactive Billboards

Advertising has progressed with leaps and bounds since the digital world took over. In some cases it is extremely sad because print, radio and television adverts are losing their appeal, however in other cases it is most captivating. Interactive billboards are amongst the most captivating advertising mediums that it does not matter how young or  Read more »

pictureHow Would Your Company Use a Cloud Storage Solution?

Marketing information can only tell you so much about a service or product that is useful. If you really want to understand how a service will benefit your company, then you need to see real world examples that you can plug in to your business situation and help give you a common point of reference.  Read more »

pictureWorking From Home? Choose a Desktop Computer

Sometimes it seems apparent that laptops are well on their way to replacing desktop PCs as the computer of choice for many of us – and it isn’t really difficult to see why. Laptops are a much more compact, sleek option and do not come with the array of wires requiring careful concealment to avoid  Read more »

pictureTechnology Leading to a Surge in Business Relocation

In recent years, the US business community has suffered at the hands of a crippling recession. The economic difficulties have been felt all over the world, of course, and in America the situation has led to many organizations having to consider something of a rethink in regards to their current situation. At the top of  Read more »

pictureAn Inside Look into the Ongoing War of Digital Piracy VS the Entertainment Industry

Digital piracy has been in the news as of late, with Congress trying to pass the SOPA and PIPA laws to ban most of what is on the internet. When was the last time you downloaded a song or video to your mp3 player or laptop? There is an ongoing war raging between digital piracy  Read more »

pictureState Sponsored Hacking and Cyber Security Policy

Gone are the days when war would take place only in the physical realm. Today’s conflicts are also happening online and launched by individuals with significant knowledge of how infrastructures and regimes can be taken down. There are many ways to infiltrate the web sites and hard drives of governments, including viruses, denial-of-service attacks and  Read more »

pictureThe Great Debate of Onsite vs. Offsite Hosting

The decision to host your server onsite or offsite is an important one. It is the big debate plaguing businesses around the country. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which is best for your business. For some companies, the fear of hosting their vital data offsite is one that inhibits  Read more »

Four Distinguishing Traits of Network ProcessorsThe processor is the heart and soul of any computing system, whether that system is a tablet, personal computer, mobile phone or server. But not all processors are created equal, not by a long shot. Just about everyone knows what an Intel Pentium is, but what they might not know is what kind of processor  Read more »
Home technology: A helping hand or a burden?As spring slowly turns to summer, the commercials, ads, radio spots and reviews for home and garden products are everywhere. The latest lawnmower or pool or home theater system is on everybody’s mind this time of year. Many of these products are rapidly improving due to advances in technology. Electronics have gotten smarter, smaller and  Read more »
pictureNew Details About Google Glasses

Google Glasses, the hot, hyped, new product from Google X Labs, will be available for people who have glasses prescriptions too. Those bespectacled citizens of the world will be able to bask in the awesomeness of Project Glass too.

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Timour Tech Review Weekly – 2012-04-22

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