What is Cydia?

A lot of people new to the world of owning and using Apple products will undoubtedly hear words like “Cydia”, “Jailbreak” and wonder what they mean or if it is legal as well as safe to jailbreak. If you are interested in finding more about Cydia, this article may clear things up.

Definition of Cydia

Cydia is an application that allows third-party application to be installed on your IOS device that Apple, which have a closed environment, don’t approve of.

Definition of Jailbreaking

It is a general term used to describe the process of installing third-party software against the will of those who created the hardware/software. In that sense, installing Cydia is considered jailbreaking


Contrary to what many believe, it is not illegal (not yet anyways) and does not damage your device like brick it (make it unusable forever) or burn internal hardware components. The only disadvantage of jailbreaking your Apple product is that they will drop your warranty and will not support devices that have been jailbroken, however, if your warranty has already ended then what is the harm?

What can you do with Cydia?

At this point you may be asking yourself what kind of third-party software can be installed through Cydia, well the short answer is: anything you can imagine from tweaks of existing stock apple application like email to games, to networking software like a wireless scanner, to productivity applications that allow you to get more out of your device. Another great thing you can do is change the look and feel of the user interface if you want.

Similarity between iTunes and Cydia

Cydia is similar to the “App store” application on your device in the sense that you will find some applications that you can download and install for free while others require you to purchase before you can use them. Another similarity is that applications found in Cydia are in constant develop mean they get faster, more stable, and with more features in time so as with the App store you can update these programs and tweaks.

Performance and Stability

With all the flexibility and power you get from jailbreaking there is a small downside of performance/stable. This decrease in performance is small and you may experience something like:

  • Typing a word where the screen pauses for a second then types all the letters at once
  • While playing music, the track might glitch for a moment then continue playing normally

However, the developers and hackers of the jailbreaking software are getting better and better at providing a more stable environment with less crashes, bugs, and performance problems

Security Concerns

There is a security concern that should be noted before you decide to jailbreak your device, since the application that exist on Cydia is not monitored and not controlled there is the risk that you install an application that can access your personal files and send it somewhere, erase your content, or infect your device. I am not saying you shouldn’t install anything, just be cautious of what you are installing.

Another security problem is if you enable SSH (aka Secure Shell, a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged using a secure channel between two networked devices) may lead your device vulnerable to network attacks since the default password is known by many hacker (Click here to find out how to change your SSH password). As long as you change your password to one that is long and complex enough then you shouldn’t worry about this problem.


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4 Responses to What is Cydia?

  1. This article really made me understand the two words that i didn’t know they do exists in the first place 🙂 however i knew their is something about bringing Applications cracked

    • There is a difference between cracked application and applications for jailbroken devices. Cracked means that you are getting a paid item for free but jailbreaking your device opens your device to a large market of application and tweaks (both paid and free).

      Installing cracked application is consider illegal because you are stealing but installing an application from Cydia is not.

      • Yorlandy Salgado says:

        Hey I like your comment. How do I know when its a cracked app or if its free for real?
        Please email me at yorlandy@gmail.com
        Thank you!
        I want the apps barrel for the look it gives when i scroll my apps across my screen…and tetherme to configure my iphone for mms and both have a free version and version that cost money…

  2. Harsh says:

    Hi. I bought a used Ipad2. Its in warranty. i Installed an app from iStore. when i tried to run it, it denied saying not supportted on Jailbreak OS. I dont need jailbreak. I want my warranty secured. And i dont want any features requiring jailbreak. I am just a normal user who needs ipad for marketing activities.

    Plz suggest what can be done.

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