7 Preventive Measures To Avoid Breaking Your Computer

Computers have become an essential part of our lives, and maintaining them in proper condition is therefore an important consideration. We will discuss some points here which will help you avoid basic hardware problems and save a lot of expenditure on hardware as well as avoid losing your data. It’s all about taking preventive measures and taking good care of your machine!

  1. Protect from Electrical Surges: A computer is much more sensitive than other home appliances and you need to protect it from spikes in electricity. A small fluctuation in electricity can easily spoil your hard disk or mother board. The solution is to purchase a surge protector which is better than mere power strips which (supposedly) include suppression of surge as well.
  2. Safeguard from Infection: There are several virus infections which affect the hard disk and can result in permanently corrupting the data in it. The way to avoid this is to install a good anti virus software to protect your computer from virus attacks. In addition to it avoid visiting sites from where computer may get infected such as free gaming sites.
  3. P2P Sharing: Almost all such peer to peer sites are infected by viruses and downloading software or music from such sites would result in downloading of viruses also on your computer. These viruses corrupt software running on your computer as well as cause damage to your computer’s hardware as well.
  4. Keep it Clean: It is important to keep your desktop computer clean if you want to avoid hardware problems. You need to make sure that the desktop computer is cleaned at regular intervals such as every six months. You need to blow out all the dust that gets accumulated in air vents, power supply section and the processor fan. Most times the dust bunnies result in processor over heating as well as result in malfunctioning in the power supply.
  5. Use Flat surface: For laptops it is always useful to use a flat and hard surface to avoid overheating and the problems associated with it. Often laptops over heat in case the exhaust fan at the bottom or the side panels are blocked by dust or other material. Additionally, keep note of not leaving your laptop inside the car when the temperature outside is too hot or too cold. Extreme temperature conditions are harmful for laptops and you need to avoid them.
  6. Thunderstorms: It is always advisable to unplug all power as well as network cable during thunder storms. Even if there is a surge protector the risk for you is too high to let the computer running during thunder storms. If your computer crashes during that time, you may incur unwanted expenses and not be able to recover the vital data and information that will be lost.
  7. DIY Repairs: Most often than not, do it yourself hardware repairs cause more damage to your computer system than do any good. Seeking professional help is far better than trying to repair on your own. This way you will be sure that your system will not be accidentally damaged and cause more financial losses than you had thought.

A Final Note

As you can see there are many hardware problems which can be avoided if we take good care of our computer. This way you can ensure that your computer or laptop performs are required and faces fewer hardware failures.

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