Are Data Centers Your IT Infrastructure Lifeline?

Do you need a secure facility to store your computers or other equipment including backups of you documents? If so a data center is the right choice for you. Data centers offer services designed to keep you and your company running while increasing your security. Data centers have backup for power supplies for when disaster strikes, communication connections, environmental controls that suppress fire risk and security measures with backup measures in place. Data Centers offer various services that can be used individually or combined for the needs of your business.

 Co-location Services

Colocation Services are secured alternative locations for your equipment and data. Colocation services come with fully customizable half rack, full rack and half racks, secure cages and private data suites. While the centers are kept at a standard temperature for optimum performance and both network and physical security systems in place. The specialist at colocation data centers are trained to give you the exact solution for your data storage.

Network Services

Data centers also come with secured reliable network services so that your business is never left behind due to an outage. Data centers offer competitive pricing and different options for your business with the assistance of carrier-neutral networks access. Data centers have blended Internet and satellite pad access so your company can keep doing business no matter situation.

By using blended Internet your business is getting access to at least 4 carriers at once with experienced network engineers ensuring that the connection never has a glitch. For those companies that prefer to use a specific carrier, data centers come with access to over 17 other carrier options for your company to choose from.

Commercial Internet Services

Data centers have both private and commercial Internet options for your business to choose from, providing connectivity using T1, T3 and Metro Ethernet connections. Each of the Internet services provided is backed by an industry leading service agreement.  By providing blended Internet solutions we can help ensure that each company has a diverse and essential network to rely upon.

Disaster Recovery Services

If there is a disaster your company does not have to worry, data centers are designed to continual work and keep your business moving even during natural disasters. Data centers provide high availability of co-location for all of your equipment, network connection services and a place for your staff to work while the world is in chaos around them. Disaster Recovery Services include Carrier-Neutral Networking Access, Carrier-Neutral Network Access, Worksite Recovery Locations, Private Fiber Connectivity, and Virtual Hands to get the job done.

Data centers are there when your company needs them the most, the staff have not only the experience to get you through acts of terrorism, computer viruses, failing hardware or software, natural disasters, and power outages but also understanding.

Dedicated Office Space

Do you need more room for your business but not for everyday use? Do you want to expand without having to add another office? Data centers have dedicated office spaces available for you and your staff to utilize that are not issued on a first come first serve basis but reserved for your company only. Data center dedicated office spaces have 8 Layers of Security, Dedicated Conference Rooms, Dedicated Offices, Dedicated Seats, Facility Amenities, and Ideal Location.

Data center dedicated office spaces also offer customizable layouts with full media conference rooms that are adjusted to your company’s needs. You and your employees can feel confident that their security and that of your business is guaranteed while they work together in complete privacy.

Expert Support Services

Data centers have on hand expert engineers, superior technicians and certified electricians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to help with migration and installation of your services. Having a virtual set of expert hands to help solve any daily technical problems while your business grows offers a peace of mind that is un-compared too.

Bill Green cites “Of the total catastrophe losses (from 1986 to 2005) in the U.S., 47.5% were related to hurricanes and tropical storms”.  Bill says “Don’t Let Your Business Data Get Lost In Mother Nature’s Fury”.  Bill states Disaster Recovery might be a necessity for medium to larger businesses who cannot house all their data in-house.


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