Cloud Storage- The New Boom in IT

There was enough buzz about the word “Cloud” few years back, but now it has become much more than a word. Cloud has in fact been a revolutionary development in the world of Information Technology. Internet was a big boom when it was introduced, but with the ever-growing need of IT, a need for more personalized repository of information crept in, which eventually gave birth to Cloud.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is a networked online-storage model where your personal data is stored. There are several hosting companies with large data centers. Anyone who needs their data to be stored in these clouds would have to lease or buy storage capacity as per their need. The data is accessible from anywhere (and anytime) as long as you have an internet connection.

Cloud could be a low cost substitute to processing and storing data on a local server or your personal computer. Instead of setting up a local server for your business or buying an external storage devices (in case of individual users) your data will be processed and stored remotely in the data centers provided by the vendor you subscribed with. This gives the benefit of availing your personal information across the globe by just using internet connection.

One of the major benefits of Cloud Storage is that you pay as per the service you take. You do not need to invest in establishing your own setup for data storage. Clouds are highly flexible and the data center take the responsibility of keeping your data secure and protect it from any kind of data loss or theft.

Along with its importance over the business sector, cloud has a lot to offer to an individual as well. You can get your personal cloud for storing personal data like documents, photos, movies, videos, etc…. This will also work as a backup for you just in case your personal computer suffers from data loss or hardware failure. You can grant access permissions to anyone you want and they will be able to access your cloud from wherever they want. This makes managing work and personal data hassle free.

There are many website that offer a certain amount of personal cloud storage for free. You can use that storage to see if they satisfy all your needs. Once you are satisfied with it, you can buy more space as per your need and store your important data on the cloud where they are much safer they your PC.

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