Data theft trends 2012 – did the Grinch get your data?

Data breaches are far more than just taxing. They are potentially dangerous for companies and professionals who can lose their bank accounts, business relations, company secrets, and overall reputation as a result of them. But exactly how common is this? How does this actually happen? What are the types of threats to watch out for? These are some of the questions that many of us do not have sufficient answers to. And hence we are targeted by these seemingly shadowed individuals, Grinches if you will, who are bent on tricking us out of our precious private data! With the help of stealth methods and software such as keyloggers and subtle tactics such as drive by downloads, these Grinches have been pilfering data all year round. Here are the facts all in one report, so you can make your own conclusions and attempt to harrow out these sickly beings of the cyber verse!

  “The Grinch who stole data” was illustrated to outline the data theft situation that plagued 2012. Mobistealth, the image creator, is a developer of Keystoke logger. ————————- If you found this article useful or interesting, don’t forget to share it by clicking one of the buttons below or on the left. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. You can also follow me on Twitter, add me to your circle on Google+, or like my Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest of Hardware and Software reviews.

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