Facebook Smartphone Development on the Cards

Just days after Google fully acquired mobile manufacturer Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, it’s been reported that another software giant is keen to enter the world of smartphone manufacturing. Leading social networking site Facebook has been showing signs that is may produce its own Facebook smartphone. Employees at the company, engineers who have been head hunted by Facebook as well as those briefed on the future direction of the company, have stated that Facebook hopes to release its own smartphone by 2013.

Facebook Smartphone History

Facebook already has half a dozen former Apple software and hardware developers on their payroll, who reportedly helped engineer the successful iPhone and iPad. Facebook’s attempt to develop a smartphone is not its first; technology blog TechCrunch reported that the company was in the process of developing a smartphone in 2010, but the project was halted when the company realized the difficulties involved. However, the following year reports were circulating that the company was developing a Facebook HTC smartphone coded ‘Buffy’ in collaboration with the hardware manufacturer. To date Facebook has made some progress on the project and has developed a team of experienced hardware engineers to see the project through.

Mobile is Promising Growth Area

Facebook has neither confirmed nor denied their smartphone project, however they have made it clear that they hope to operate across the entire mobile industry in operations, hardware manufacturing, and OS and application development. Following their IPO (initial public offering) Facebook now has the financial resources to expand into other areas such as smartphone manufacturing and seek alternative revenue. Mobile is one of the fastest growing industries and Facebook hopes to capitalize on the area. A Facebook employee stated that if the company does not develop into other areas, the company will simply become another app on a device.

Mixing Software and Hardware Development

Many skeptics are asking the question of whether a social networking company can successfully cross the floor into hardware and release a smartphone that can compete with the other major players Apple, Samsung and possibly Google’s Motorola. Apple is one of the very few companies that has successfully developed both hardware and software for mobile. Other major electronic giants have failed to crossover to mobile, such as Dell and Hewlett Packard. Facebook also has other challenges. For example the social networking and micro-blogging site Twitter is already fully integrated into the iPhone software, whereas Facebook is not. However, judging by Facebook’s success and its millions of loyal fans, the social networking and software development company is in the ideal position to enter the smartphone market and develop a Facebook Smartphone. Its recent acquisition of popular photo sharing app Instagram shows that it means business and that it’s ready to go head to head with competitors Apple and Google.

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