Five Mistakes to Make if You Want to Fall for a Work at Home Scam

Adverts to work at home appear everywhere on the internet. These adverts commonly promise lots of money quickly with little work required by you. The website the ad links to will usually back up these claims, all at the promise that you give a little money to them in order to join up.

So if you want to fall for the promises and financial losses of a work at home scam, prepare to set up your unified communications systems and get ready to get ripped off.

1. Believe everything

If the website says you can earn a lot of money quickly, why would it be lying? To fall for their scam, believe everything they’re telling you. Better yet, they promise a massive starting wage and they don’t ask for any important information from you.

2. Ignore everything and everyone telling you to avoid it

It’s likely that once people find out your plans to start this work at home position they’ll try to get you to stop. It’s common knowledge that the vast majority of them are too good to be true. Your friends and family are bound to tell you to stop.

But if you ignore them and carry on going towards this fantastic opportunity that’s fallen into your life, you’ll slip right into the scam.

3. Don’t look into the company or what it’s offering

With a bit of research you might find people on the internet talking about how they were tricked by the same company you’ve found. You could find plenty of information that will show you the truth behind their scam and the falsity of what they’re offing.

It wouldn’t take you long to see through their thin disguise and work out what they’re really trying to do; scam your money from you.

So in order to fall for their scam, don’t look them up. Don’t research how much truth is in their claim and certainly do not believe anything you hear about them.

4. Get all your information about them from them

If you do decide to do some research on them, do it on their own site. Why bother searching the web for other people’s opinions on what they’re offering when you can find out how great they are from their own website?

Work at home scam sites will sometimes give you a phone number to call if you have any more questions. Most real business won’t, as they’ll be too busy working to deal with people interested in jobs.

If you really want to fall for their scam, call them up and let them convince you over the phone. It’s much easier for them to trick you when they can actually talk to you.

5. Give the scammers money

Work at home scammers are after your money. That’s the whole reason they’ve launched the website and adverts looking for people like you to sign up. They might be asking for a signup fee, or money that goes towards your training equipment. They might say they’re looking for the cash to get you started and set up on their programme, but really it’s just to line their pockets.

It won’t be their fault the leased lineyou paid to set up won’t work properly.

So in order to fully fall for the scam, be sure to give them your money!

This guest piece was written by Crispin Jones for Maintel, experts in leased lines. Find out more on their Facebook page.


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