Home Security Gadgets for $150 or Less

Home Security systems are one of the main pillars of home protection and help protect yourself and your loved ones from harm. They do so by preventing possible break ins from would be burglars and inexperienced opportunistic people who won’t typically think about your safety. Another benefit of these security systems is to allow you to have peace of mind because there is nothing like being able to sleep soundly at night knowing that you and your family are well-protected.

Home Security Gadgets are either wired or wireless. Wired systems are cheaper but a bit challenging to set up because you have to install a wiring system, which can be an added cost. Wireless varieties are more expensive but generally trouble-free to setup. Whatever system you prefer, remember that you’re not required to purchase an entire system which can set you back hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Improving the security of your residence does not have to cost thousands of dollars as you can buy reasonably priced units that can greatly enhance the security of your property. Below are some effective yet affordable tools that you can utilize.

Window and Door Alarms

Door Wedge Alarms

These gadgets will emit alarm signals when a door is being forcibly opened. Aside from producing a shrill and ear-piercing sound, they get wedged under doors when an intruder continues to try to open a door; thus, blocking the trespasser. The sensitivity of door wedge alarms can be adjusted to high, medium, or low. They are lightweight, portable, and compact devices suitable for travelers and cost about $8.95.

Magnetic Contact Alarms

When switched on, a magnetic contact alarm releases loud noise when the door or window it’s attached to is being forced open. These are a cinch to install and are battery-operated. The cost ranges from low cost ones (sets of four costing about $10) to more expensive brands costing between $2 to $5 each. There are also wireless units, which as we specified before are often more expensive and can cost $25+ each.

Slide Away Alarms

These alarms can be used on sliding doors or windows. Like the magnetic contact alarm, the slide away alarm emits a very loud shrill when its magnetic links get disengaged. It’s sold at around $7.95 to $10 each.

Motion Sensors

Motion Detectors

As the name suggests, these devices sense/detect motion,  when a prowler enters the field of vision of the device it is triggered. Many forms of motion sensors are linked to floodlights or lighting systems, as well as alarm systems, which are also activated with the sensors. Regular types cost about $11, however, units that are already attached to floodlights cost more than $50 or more depending on how many addition lights are attached to it.

Infrared Motion Detectors

Infrared or heat motion detectors are more expensive, costing about $98 each. Just like motion sensors, these also detect movement but they also can detect heat. Some hi-tech infrared detectors can differentiate between a man and an animal by judging the level of heat released by the body making these alarms types less prone to producing false alarms when a dog or cat passes by.


Regular Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are more difficult to open than the usual door lock. Heavy-duty brands cost about $50+, while single-cylinder deadbolts are sold for less than $20.

Keypad Deadbolt Locks

Keypad deadbolt locks aren’t cheap and usually cost more than $120 especially known brands like Yale, Kwikset, or Schlage which are more expensive. Homeowners won’t need a key to gain entry into their homes with the use of such locks, however, a back-up key also exists just in case. Moreover, the software operating the lock is not easily hacked or overridden making them worth the investment.

Fingerprint Deadbolt Locks

These are more hi-tech and slightly more expensive than keypad deadbolts. Prized around $140 to $150 each, fingerprint deadbolt locks can store the unique fingerprints of up to 30 users. These key-less locks are convenient not only because homeowners won’t need keys, but also because fingerprint recognition takes about 2 seconds.

Siren Padlocks

As the name implies, these kinds of locks release shrill alarms when disturbed. The aluminum types are more long lasting and do not rust. Most siren padlocks can be found for less than $15 and are very useful for locking sheds and other structures that may be a bit far from the main residence.

This article was contributed by Claire James who has worked with LifeShield Dallas in various projects. She is a home security expert who also does security planning and management for Lifeshield Plano.


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