Just How Big Is Apple?

Since its birth in the mid 1970s, Apple has become one of the most successful corporations in existence, now a household name. Formerly focusing on computers, the company has successfully transitioned to devices as its primary source of revenue. By using innovation and sleek design as its foundations for its new devices, Apple has propelled itself to one of the leading corporations internationally, beating other corporations such as Wal-Mart, Microsoft, and Merck.

Sales in 2011 for Apple were $128 billion, exceeding the Gross Domestic Product of several major countries in the world, combined! The following graphic shows how enormous sales have been for Apple. The major revenue generator for Apple has been the iPhone, consisting of 40% of Apple’s revenue. iPads are also contributing to a fair portion of Apple’s revenue, and is expected to increase as well. Apple’s revenue and success has made it the newest role model for new and existing companies alike.

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