Online Security For Your Business

Understanding the importance of keeping your business secure online.

Information Security

There is an ever greater focus on information security throughout the business world, as well as throughout governments and crime fighting agencies throughout the world. With regulation of online security higher than ever before in the face of the threat of cyber-crime, as well as customers being more switched on to the dangers of having their personal details exposed, having an information security policy in place for your business will keep you on the right track. Be it product information, financial reports or customer details, any breach of confidentiality could do terminal, lasting damage to your business and your reputation. A well thought out and secure information security policy will ensure that your business remains compliant with legislation as well as other best practice guidelines, and minimize the risk of you being fined by a regulatory body or having civil action taken against you.

Protecting Yourself and Others

The easiest and by far most effective way of keeping your business protected online is to be extremely sensible with regards how you operate. If you are using a web design or hosting company to help maintain your website, ensure that they have relevant information security policies in place so that your business will not become compromised in any way, shape or form. While it may be worthwhile outsourcing these areas of your business, remember that if anything goes wrong you are far more likely to suffer than the web design company.

If you are selling online, ensure you are using a recognized and globally trusted payments partner for your payments. Not only will this enhance your reputation as a safe seller in the online marketplace, it could also be vital to deciding whether or not the customer actually buys in the first place. If you were being asked for your credit card details, are you more likely to submit them to a professional looking, well known merchant or some obscure company based in Belize that you have never heard of?


Having an effective information security policy in place and consistently maintained can be a great asset to your business. Effective as both information and training tool for yourself and employees, information security policies can ensure that your business remains protected at all times and you fully minimise the risk of any breaches occurring. There are many online forums available for help with writing an information security policy, find out how you can safeguard your business’ operations today.

Iso27001Standard is a leading provider of E-learning and on-line support services for the implementation of ISO 27001 and BS 25999-2. They provide an effective information security policyto insure your business.


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