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Bad Data Means Difficult Phone Calls And A Distinct Lack Of Commission

Good and bad data can mean the difference between having good quality leads and as a result increased sales. Sales can be hard if the data you have is poor. Found this post useful? Subscribe to our RSS feed, follow … Continue reading

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Data Centers Offer HPC Solutions

As companies expand, a higher demand is put on their IT infrastructure. As a result of this expansion, companies are making efforts to consolidate their IT services. In response, High Performance Computing (HPC) is on the rise. HPC uses super … Continue reading

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Dirty Disks Raise New Questions About Cloud Security

According to a recent research by Context Information Security, there exist potentially major faults in the execution of Cloud infrastructure services that some providers offer, which could be risking the data of their clients. Content consultants exploited this vulnerability to … Continue reading

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The Great Debate of Onsite vs. Offsite Hosting

The decision to host your server onsite or offsite is an important one. It is the big debate plaguing businesses around the country. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which is best for your business. … Continue reading

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