I agree with Chris Pirillo that the iPad Isn’t Always Awesome

Chris Pirillo explains why you may not necessarily NEED a product like the iPad (even though it is now the hottest and latest in the market). I thought it was interesting for those wanting to buy an iPad just to add it to the list of devices they have or to boast that they have the latest in tech without actually needing it

You can find the video review here and the full lockergnome article here

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3 Responses to I agree with Chris Pirillo that the iPad Isn’t Always Awesome

  1. Nermin says:

    Well, this could be true.
    The only tempting thing about is portability though.
    This will sound ironic but it’s the more portable version of a
    heavy laptop which ironically… is supposed to be portable.

  2. That’s the point, some people may need it because it fills gap in their professional or personal life. Don’t buy a product for the simple reason of “just because”, moreover, it has happened on more than one occasion that a buyer of such a product uses only 20% of the functionality of said product. So technically he/she paid 80% more money than was needed and could have bought a simpler and cheaper device. An example of this will be buying the iPad because it is has a good camera lens and takes great photos which does that sound logical because they could have bought a GREAT DSLR camera for the same or lower price

    Of course there are many many reasons to buy the iPad but highlighting reasons NOT to buy a product that don’t include flaws in the actual product or bugs in the software installed on the platform and rather focus on evaluating how this product fits in your life was refreshingly interesting.

    To go back to your comment about portability, did you know that laptops in the old days were called luggables because they weighed about 30 pounds (13.608 Kilograms). Due to technology advancing and components get smaller and lighter, the value above which the product is considered luggable decreases. click this link to know more about http://www.answers.com/topic/luggable-technology

  3. Nermin says:

    Oh wow I am sure happy I didn’t live in days were laptops were this heavy.
    Owning a laptop of my own that is heavier than a kilo is already a daily burden to carry. The new generation of laptops is strangely light though
    ever since the end of 2010 and 2011 the weight issue has been solved.
    I am surprised to find 15 inch laptops that are lighter than my 14 inch laptop.
    (Not to mention faster)
    I am going to take a look at the link.

    There’s another reason an ipad looks attractive though.
    Because it’s made to be ultra-portable, its battery life should be very high.
    As opposed to the cheaper laptops of today where the battery dies after one year of usage and in some cases, causes the same price as an ipad, if your model is extra ‘special’. The only reason I’d want one is to avoid lugging extra baggage,
    and still be able to do my tasks if it supports that.

    And yes I do agree with people using only 20% of the potential of the device.
    Some people get ipads because they can, and recently some companies
    have noticed this trend and are developing apps accordingly. Two
    small projects so far that I know of are making entertainment apps rather than work apps for the Ipad. Like always it’s the entertainment that sells, and that’s probably why the companies actually advertise things like how the ipad has a camera.

    If you take it from Apples side their goal is to sell more of those. Regardless of user usage.

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