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Are Data Centers Your IT Infrastructure Lifeline?

Do you need a secure facility to store your computers or other equipment including backups of you documents? If so a data center is the right choice for you. Data centers offer services designed to keep you and your company … Continue reading

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7 Preventive Measures To Avoid Breaking Your Computer

Computers have become an essential part of our lives, and maintaining them in proper condition is therefore an important consideration. We will discuss some points here which will help you avoid basic hardware problems and save a lot of expenditure … Continue reading

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Top External Hard Drives for 2012

These days, we’ve gone highly digital with most of our photos, videos, documents and music. Because of that, there’s an increasing need for reliable add-on storage devices. This post covers five of the top-rated external hard drives of 2012. Found … Continue reading

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How to Find Map Updates for Your Portable GPS Device

The portable in-car GPS device is one of the best selling tech gadgets from the last decade, but in recent years has faced fierce rivals and competition with the new arrival of smartphone navigation and on-phone applications that also offer … Continue reading

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What Are Medical Devices And What Do They Do?

The life of a medical consultant has recently become more and more advanced over the years, with the advent of new and improved medical devices. In the past, doctors would have to use a broad range treatments and exams to … Continue reading

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Advantages Of Online Backup

Ever since we’ve been storing various types of data, we have been searching for a reliable solution to back it up. Earlier, data from the computers used to be backed up on external media such as CD-ROMs, thumb drives, external … Continue reading

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PC Hardware for Noob-Fragging Nirvana

Let’s face it – computers have come a long way since the C64, as have the computer games which we play on them: gone are the days of joystick waggling and button bashing – a touch of finesse and precision … Continue reading

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IT in the Conference Room

Outfitting a conference table with a complement of IT connections has always created a compromise of form and function. Yet with some advanced planning the conflict between these opposing objectives can be minimized. Found this post useful? Subscribe to our … Continue reading

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Blackberry Maker Suffers a Flat Tire

The bad news for Blackberry maker Research in Motion (RIM) continues to roil the company’s bottom line as market watchers predict a poor fourth-quarter showing. Analysts are forecasting a fourth-quarter profit of 81 cents per share for RIM with a … Continue reading

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A Marriage of Microsoft and Mustang

Much of modern society, particularly young people born in the 80s and 90s, seems to be somewhat obsessed with two seemingly contradictory things: nostalgia and cutting-edge modern technology. They want to conjure up the warm feelings of childhood but update … Continue reading

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