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A closer look at Windows Update

In this post we discuss the importance of Windows Update and discuss: Purpose of Windows Update How does Windows Update work? Why sometimes updating Windows needs a reboot Getting rid of Windows Update’s nag to restart When is the recommended … Continue reading

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Offline Businesses: How to Locate Your Customers Online

There are probably a handful of people who use the yellow pages, or their local equivalent, to find a business, but the rest of us just type what we want to find in a search address bar and look through … Continue reading

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Printed Circuit Boards Should Always Be Clean & Dry

One of the most important innovations in the information age is the silicon based chip. Every year as technology continues to develop we are able to cram more and more circuits onto a microprocessor chip which brings the possibility of … Continue reading

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How Internet Backups Operate

Every computer user nowadays knows that it is vital to backup information elsewhere from your machine. Here we explain how to choose an internet backup provider. Found this post useful? Subscribe to our RSS feed, follow us on Twitter or … Continue reading

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