I am a geek at heart and love to talk tech

Feel free to ask or share any questions you have regarding software, hardware, or tech related in any capacity and will do my best to provide my feedback.

I am also a passionate .Net  programmer, if you want to collaborate on a project please check my odesk profile https://www.odesk.com/users/~~ec711d8cbb4a1363

You can follow me on twitter by clicking the twitter icon in the side bar


IBM Certified System Administrator – AIX 7 http://wp.me/a2519N-k1

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  1. Brooke Chloe says:

    I have got purposeful material and informative content in your site. I would like to contribute as a guest post related to tech.
    Waiting for kind reply.

  2. Brooke Chloe says:

    Yes Tim I have sent you e-mail with attached content. please review it. Thanks

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