How to Tell if your Internet Provider is Good or Bad

Back in the old days when internet providers were only one breed of company touting a similar and still somewhat problematic service, it was easy to tell which companies were bad and which were worth the money. Nowadays, with sundry internet service providers touting extremely fast downloading rates it’s impossible to tell which internet providers are really worth your money and which are simply taking you for a ride.

In order to tell if your internet service provider of choice is truly worth the amount of cash you pay monthly, you have to know what’s out there and compare it to what you have. Most service providers nowadays may tout unbelievable download and upload speeds but don’t really live up to the promises they make.

There are basically three types of high speed internet providers nowadays and each of these types have their own benefits and drawbacks that have to be weighed and closely considered before you decide to make the choice.

Most Common Internet Providers

ADSL – also known as the Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is one of the most common and frequently used types of internet connection, which employs the use of telephony lines to channel internet connectivity. Because ADSL relies on having a landline to channel the connection,

ADSL is capable of performing high speed downloads and moderately fast uploads, but one can experience fluctuations or signs of slowing every now and then. Generally speaking, the nearer you are to the source, the faster the traffic – the faster the traffic, the faster your internet will be. Of the many providers, DSL is one of the most common, being featured in a wider range than most other ISPs.

Cable – fiber optic cables to be exact. These come in two varieties: FTTH (Fiber to the Home) or FTTC (Fiber to the Cabinet). In the former variant, the fiber optic cable is wired directly into your unit at home, giving you fastest speed available without the drawbacks of slowing down or interference from external sources. The latter on the other hand wires the fiber optic cable to a ‘cabinet’, literally a huge router-like device that spreads the connectivity around a single area. While internet providers of this sort are great, they can usually be very expensive due to the need for tedious installation. What’s more, the range of cable service providers is limited to certain areas only.

Broadband – broadband internet service providers are yet another very common type of ISP with a large following that is increasing daily. Broadband internet providers employ low-frequency radio waves to facilitate wireless internet connectivity. They usually employ a mini-modem in the form of a tiny USB which can be plugged in and loaded for a selected number of hours’ connectivity. One of the more popular internet providers, broadband connections epitomize the plug-and-play philosophy of many of technological items known today.

Knowing which among the many internet providers you should subscribe to take time and research to accomplish. The standards that you should set as prerequisites will vary depending on your own needs and budget, but overall, deciding which is good and bad is entirely a personal choice. With many internet providers offering moderately fast to super-fast services from anywhere between $50 – $200 all you have to do is compare and contrast what you think is right for you.

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  1. Scott Walker says:

    The main thing that should be kept in mind before choosing your provider and the type of connection you choose is your pocket and needs. Thats all!!! Completely agreed with what you said. You cant prefer a high speed 100 Mbps fibre optics cable network and download 4 movies simultaneously if its out of your pocket :p

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