Data Centers Offer HPC Solutions

As companies expand, a higher demand is put on their IT infrastructure. As a result of this expansion, companies are making efforts to consolidate their IT services. In response, High Performance Computing (HPC) is on the rise. HPC uses super computers or computer clusters to support numerically intensive processing and calculations. Many data centers can offer complete technical support and system management assistance necessary for HPC services.

HPC Process and Applications

HPC applications are expanding the country’s computing boundaries. With HPC, hundreds of computer nodes can be teamed into a single processing unit. High performance computing involves a step-by-step process to solve complicated problems through algorithms and software programs. It divides the problems into small parts, and then finds solutions for these smaller units in order to solve the big problem.

HPC also performs as the workload scheduler for a cluster of computers and servers. It helps manage and schedule the allocation of hardware resources such as hard disk space, processors and memory. It also coordinates several stand-alone and interactive computers.

Data Center Support

There are benefits of the expanding HPC technology. HPC helps solve advanced and complicated problems – requiring millions of calculations. It is rapidly becoming an essential element in running day-to-day business operations.

The data centers are answering the needs of the expanding HPC developments. Houston data centers provide facilities for HPC server clusters. HPC environments require a higher density of power. Reputable co-location centers have high-density cabinets that support conditioned, uninterruptible power connections. Those wanting to use HPC systems should find centers that are fitted for high-density deployments.

HPC environments also produce significantly more heat than standard server environments. A continuous water supply for chilled water cooling also is vital feature for HCP servers. A Houston data center can provide this and other cooling options.

As multiple levels of redundancy are a feature of a Houston co-location center’s power infrastructure, it is ideal for HPC systems. Redundancy from the substations to distribution within the data center creates a reliable power infrastructure. This level of redundancy keeps the HPC environment operational in the case of a major power outage.

In addition to a suitable HPC environment, data centers offer other services to their HPC-oriented clients. They first provide a stable and reliable facility, network and system administration. Another main objective of the Houston data centers is to provide the best possible technical assistance service possible. This assistance is available for issues like server platforms, software implementation and other general infrastructure requirements.

Data centers also provide top-of-the-line physical and network security. This ensures that unauthorized persons do not access any part of a customer’s system or equipment. A security breach can cost businesses time, money and customers. So, it is a top priority to make sure all aspects of data centers are secure.

Finally, HPC computing infrastructure is considerably more costly for in-house set-up and maintenance. Houston data centers can implement and manage these systems at a much-reduced cost for customers.


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