Google: Behind the Numbers

Google collected $29.3 billion dollars in 2010 from primarily advertising revenue. This is higher than the GDP of over twenty of the poorest countries combined. About 10% of this revenue is gained from mobile phone sources. Amazingly, mobile phone based advertising revenue is projected to double during 2012.

Although these earnings are astounding, the advertisement space provided on Google, through AdWords, is highly unregulated. Google was once fined about half a billion dollars for allowing an advertisement that broke healthcare legislation.

Google is the most popular website in the world. Over one billion people access Google every month. The time spent on Google every month by all of these people is over 380 thousand years combined. Given this large amount of traffic, Google servers use enough electricity every year to equal 25% of the production of a nuclear power plant, or 50% of the production the Hoover Dam each year.

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