Kaspersky Security Center displays “Not scanned for a long time”

Kaspersky Security Center is a great tool to manage several PCs from a server where you can manage, monitor, scan for viruses, update, etc… from one control panel installed on the server. However, recently I have hit the problem below even though I scanned the workstations several times.

Kaspersky Security Center

After endless head banging and googling, I was able to find a solution which we will explore in this post.

Problem with Kaspersky Security Center

It turns out that there is a bug/defect in Kaspersky Endpoint Security that only affects the version I was using ( that but was fixed in Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 MR1 (version 10.1.249) and above as explained in the link below:


As the page above suggests there are two solutions if I wanted to stay at the current version of

Solution 1

Disable the Inherit option and then the Not scanned for a long time option in the Set computer status to Critical and Set computer status to Warning sections in the group properties. Kaspersky Security Center This was not a favourable option in my case since I do consider an unscanned PC as a critical event. Plus this solution merely downgrades the severity of the event not so much resolves the underlying issue.

Solution 2

Install a patch labelled “private fix 96 (pf96)” on the computers that are affected. This solution posed two issues:

  • A patch needs to be requested through a support ticket, who has the time or energy to deal with technical support ONLY to request a patch? Plus previous encounters with Kaspersky support wasted days of my time and I ended up troubleshooting and solving the problem myself.
  • It will need to be installed on a per client basis, given I was managing 20+ computers that would be a massive headache to implement.


At this point in time, the latest stable version is which can be downloaded from the link below and contains the fix for that defect:


The fix is mentioned in the “Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows Workstations Maintenance Release 1 (version release infohttp://support.kaspersky.com/10578#block1

Incorrect status Not scanned for a long time after a full scan. 

I then created a distributive package using the exe installer in Kaspersky Security Center and launched the remote installation across all the workstations. Sure  enough after the new version was installed and running a full scan on all the PCs, the status went from “critical” to “Ok” as seen below:

Kaspersky Security Center

If you have any problems, questions, or concerns please leave a comment below.

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