The Great Debate of Onsite vs. Offsite Hosting

The decision to host your server onsite or offsite is an important one. It is the big debate plaguing businesses around the country. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which is best for your business. For some companies, the fear of hosting their vital data offsite is one that inhibits the ability to look at the benefits associated with utilizing a data center.

It is time for companies to move past this fear.

• The Pros of Offsite Data Centers

The benefits of moving company information to a data center are numerous. Money is saved on energy expenses. Valuable real estate space is spared from being consumed by servers. Plus, businesses reduce their need for high IT costs, and they can allocate these funds to helping their business grow.

Of course it is attractive to most to have complete control over company data. After all, businesses are only as powerful as the knowledge and information they possess. For those companies truly paralyzed by the fear of moving their data offsite, a good transition to a data center is the colocation option. This allows a company to utilize a data center in their area to host their information, while still maintaining a close proximity to their data.

A good example of this would be to take a company based in Houston. This company would use the colocation services of a Houston data center. By utilizing the services of one of the data centers in Houston, a business can feel less out of control of their data and sleep better at night knowing their data is being cared for by specialized staff.

• The Cons of Onsite Servers

The costs of keeping data onsite are high. Servers require maintenance by specialized technicians. The cost to cool server rooms can drive energy bills through the roof, especially in warm climates.

Additionally, companies pay for a large amount of energy expenses when the servers are not in use. For businesses that access their data primarily during the work week, weekends and evenings are a huge energy drain that companies are paying for month after month.

The high expense of onsite servers and lack of trained staff to monitor against any downtime is typically the main reason companies ultimately make the switch to a data center, such as Digital Realty Trust or Cyprus One.With so many benefits, it is hard to argue against making the move to offsite servers.

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