When Too Much Is Not Enough

One of the pleasures of shopping on the Internet is the certainty that the object you desire is out there in cyberspace, just waiting for you to click “purchase.” When you know the exact brand, model number, color and price – and no place nearby sells the product you crave – you turn to the web for the answer, fully expecting instant satisfaction.

But what happens when your latest obsession is sold out, no longer produced or isn’t the specific color or size you need? More often than not, the frustrated shoppers among us embark upon an often-futile quest for a suitable replacement. And that’s when cyberspace’s endless selection becomes too much of a good thing.

Almost, But Not Quite

Man, woman or child, it doesn’t matter. Shoppers who refuse to settle for anything other than the perfect brown boots, the just right Mustang parts or the latest video game wind up obsessed, unsatisfied and frustrated when their particular product can’t be located. It must be out there somewhere, they think. The world is a big place! Maybe if I modify my search term again, I’ll find it!

After Google, eBay and Craigslist expeditions turn up nothing, the shopper then attempts to replace the original desired item with a similar product and a new online search. Hundreds of brown boots, Ford Mustang parts and video games pass the eyes as quickly as the hours on the clock. And as the choices scroll down, reaching a decision becomes impossible.

Race Not, Want Not

Don’t buy something just because you think you have to! When the choices become too numerous and you’re nitpicking small details – or seriously considering blowing your budget – it’s time to take a break. Remind yourself that patronizing a few trusted retailers – online or not – is the best policy.

If you really need those specific Ford Mustang parts, call your favorite retailer and see if they can be ordered before you waste a ton of time searching for a replacement. Looking for those ideal boots but hate the late winter selection? Wait until fall – when it comes to fashion, exactly what you want has a habit of appearing in stores not long after you settle for a merely adequate substitute.

Free yourself of poor choices and ill-considered purchases.

Refuse to Settle

Don’t waste money on a half-wanted, half-baked contingency plan. Instead, get a relationship going with your favorite retailer, which has a vested interest in keeping you happy and coming back for more. Remember that business owners have a way of knowing what’s coming next down the pike. Plus, they may even have some of what you really want back-ordered or available offline.

The point is, don’t buy something just to buy it. Even though too much selection is often too much of a good thing, the right product – at the right price – is, indeed waiting for you.

Expert online shopper and fashion addict Mary is a frequent guest blogger who’s written about everything from custom made shoes to finance to CJ Pony Parts Mustang parts.


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