How to create a striped Parition in Windows

There are five well know volume/partition types in existence. Simple, Spanned, Striped, Mirrored, and RAID-5. Each with their benefits and drawbacks, however, this post will focus on how to create a striped volume in Windows.

I am using Acronis Disk Director 2011 (which I highly recommend) as my partition manager.

The Reason:

One may ask themselves why would I want to create a striped volume, there are different reasons but in my case I wanted to unify my partitions instead of having too many and forgetting which partition has which files as shown below:

Too Many Partitions

So I thought it was a good idea to include both partitions F and G under one drive, I could have gone with a spanned or striped volume. However, considering the differences between both highlighted here I went with a stripped since it offer a higher disk input/output (I/O) performance.

The method

From the diagram below, it seems i don’t have any unallocated space in either F or G

unallocated space

So the first step is to resize both partitions to make enough space to create a striped volume.

1) Resize the partition

1.a) Right click on the partition you want to resize as shown in the figure below and select “Resize Volume”

Resize Volume

1.b) You will then enter the amount of space you want unallocated (highlighted in the red rectangle in the figure below), in my case I chose 10 GB since I want the final volume to be 20 GB

Assign Unallocated

1.c) Then click OK

Unallocated done

2) Repeat for partition F

Unallocated done_2

3) Create Striped volume

3.a) Right click on the unallocated space you want to create the striped volume on and select “Create volume”

Create Volume

3.b) Select “Striped” as your Volume Type and click Next

Create Striped Volume

3.c) Select the additional disks that will contain your striped volume and click Next

Select Disks

3.d) You should now see the layout of your striped volume (the letter of the partition, the disks that it resides on, file system type, etc… ), if you are happy with this layout you can click “Finish”

Final Striped Volume

4) Finalize your settings

Commit pending operations


Update 1:

Updated a video tutorial showing how you can create a striped volume on Windows 8, check it out here


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