Updated Software with the New Year!

Imagine a world where developers stopped updating their software? You wouldn’t be able to enjoy the growing advanced features of the updated software. Updated software come up from the developers, after fixing the errors and bugs of their previous versions. It is not only the app developers, but also the operating system manufacturers, who try to develop advanced O.S. that can accommodate all the updated programs and apps.

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We shall now take a closer look at a few examples of updated programs that have been lined up in the queue of 2013 release and walk you through those programs to see what 2013 has wrapped up for you regarding the ‘software’ section!

Zoom Player Professional 8.5.1

Zoom Player Professional

I, personally, have faced the trouble of playing different formats of audio and video files in their specific supported player. It is then, I used to fantasize about playing all format of files in a single player. With Zoom Player Professional 8.5.1, it is no more a fantasy.

This player plays almost all the format of files. Let’s not forget the interface of this player! It gives a pleasant look and feel, which is important when you’re using it regularly.

MediaCoder 0.8.18 Build 5345




I am sure you faced the situation where a file, which you could play in VLC media player doesn’t play in your Windows media player? It is just a matter of format incompatibility. This is not a big deal, but it could be annoying, at times. How about having a program in your system that can convert the file to the format, which is supported by the player of your system? MediaCoder 0.8.18 Build 5345 is the answer for that.

It converts the unsupported file to a compatible file for your PC.

1CLICK DVD Converter

1CLick DVD Converter Let us assume that you have videos or movies of DVD format. What if, you want to watch those videos on your iPad, load it up on your iPhone, or play them on any other kind of device? It is truly, not possible to play DVD movies on other devices due to the incompatibility factor.

1CLICK DVD Converter can help you out in that regard, using this software you can convert the DVD format to a compatible format for your Android, Apple, or any other device. It is now possible to watch that same video on a multitude of platforms using this nifty converter.

We don’t enforce you to go installing all applications getting released in in 2013, you should find the ones that best suit your needs and let you accomplish what you need done.

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