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Best New Features In SQL Server 2016

About the SQL Server 2016 The new SQL Server 2016 enables you to create intelligent applications in a secure database platform, on-site or via a cloud server. You can deliver insights online or offline, on any device, so you can … Continue reading

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Updated Software with the New Year!

Imagine a world where developers stopped updating their software? You wouldn’t be able to enjoy the growing advanced features of the updated software. Updated software come up from the developers, after fixing the errors and bugs of their previous versions. … Continue reading

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Facebook Smartphone Development on the Cards

Just days after Google fully acquired mobile manufacturer Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, it’s been reported that another software giant is keen to enter the world of smartphone manufacturing. Leading social networking site Facebook has been showing signs that is … Continue reading

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Webload Testing Software For Your Product

In today’s world it is important for any business to be on the web and in the mobile application market. No matter what you sell or what type of service you provide, the best way to reach people is online … Continue reading

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An Inside Look into the Ongoing War of Digital Piracy VS the Entertainment Industry

Digital piracy has been in the news as of late, with Congress trying to pass the SOPA and PIPA laws to ban most of what is on the internet. When was the last time you downloaded a song or video … Continue reading

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Building A High Performance PC For A Low Price

Many people that are in the market to purchase a new PC only look at preconfigured systems when shopping.  Many of these systems offer great specs for the money, but in the end, the quality of the components is often … Continue reading

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How to Dispose of Your Computer Without Sacrificing Your Privacy

Your computer contains a hub of personal information. From your name and contact information all the way down to personal financial information, it can be very detrimental to your well-being if this information ever fell into the wrong hands. Oftentimes, … Continue reading

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Twitter Monitoring and Management (SocialBro Review)

Whether you are a new or old member to twitter, you may be facing difficulty trying to effectively manage your twitter community (followers and following). This article will cover an application that I recently encountered that helps you do just … Continue reading

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Defragmentation in Mac OS X

{EAV:ecd82367039171cf} One of the first reactions to your system acting slow is to defragment your hard disk. If you ask Windows users, they will tell you that they have done it for years (about once a month is recommend) so … Continue reading

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Voltsure Ultima UPS (battery back up for your PC)

If you are like me and your professional and personal life revolves around a PC (specifically desktops), then you hate to lose all your work just because the power in your neighborhood goes out. I cover in this article how … Continue reading

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