Twitter Monitoring and Management (SocialBro Review)

Whether you are a new or old member to twitter, you may be facing difficulty trying to effectively manage your twitter community (followers and following). This article will cover an application that I recently encountered that helps you do just that.

Before I get ahead of myself the application is called SocialBro and it is available for the desktop (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) as well as a chrome extension.

SocialBro can answer the following questions and more:

  • Who recently followed you
  • Who recently unfollowed you (A very useful feature in my point of view as it is hard to figure it out from the web interface)
  • Which users who are not following you back
  • Which users who you don’t follow back
  • Which users you follow who have a low follow ratio (May be useful to check whether this person is worth following)
  • Inactive followers (Can help you figure out how many of your followers actually has an online presence on twitter)
  • And much much more


Image credit goes to the SocialBro website (

This screen shows you all you need to know in one screen, you can monitor your popularity rise or fall over the days, months, or years. You can connect multiple accounts at the same time and see a line chart showing the progress of each. There is a section for each question specified above. Last but not least you have an array of tools you can use like Real-time analytics, Sync influence data, Best time to tweet, Insights, Discover Twitter users, Analyze your competitors, Monitor a hashtag, Analyze your lists, Import users (explained in details in the sections below)

Real-time Analytics

This page helps you analyze

  • Who many users are active (left column)
  • Active users per second (Top right column)
  • What languages are being used (Middle right column)
  • Platforms/applications that are being used to tweet (Bottom right column)

This can be helpful because you might see a user you want to reach online at this moment and thus tweet out a reply, direct message, or mention being sure that he/she will see it immediately.

Best time to tweet

Did you ever feel that you are tweeting but no one is listening even though you may have a lot of followers? Well that can happen sometimes since people aren’t glued to their twitter feed 24/7, so what are you going to do? How can you figure what the best time or better yet which day of the week is the best to make sure your followers are listening?

This feature helps you by giving you an in-depth analysis of your followers availability throughout the hour, day, and week as well as replies and retweets by day of week and hour. Who would NOT want something like this? Plus the graphs are a real visual aid


What to get more information about your followers like languages, Time Zones, Users by Location, etc… then this screen will fulfill that wish

Discover Twitter users

This screen shows you popular twitter users and brief info about each one (Followers, Friends, twitter handle, and Photo)


Take SocialBro for a test drive and I guarantee that you will not regret it.

Do you use social media tools like this one? If so, what is in your opinion the best social media tool? Feel free to share them in the comments

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To find more about SocialBro, head on to their website

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  1. I just using this app I find it useful and easy to manage.

  2. Gaye Crispin says:

    Thank you, very interesting information. Shared 🙂

  3. mostafa says:

    I cannot see the tweets … is it for managing only?

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