How Mobile Apps And Alarms Work Together To Protect Your Home

The world of mobile phones and smart phones in particular has really changed things up in the home security industry and there are now a number of ways your home can control and monitor your alarm from your tablet, or smart phone.

Simple Uses For Apps With Alarms

The new range of apps allow for everything from simple and already common home alarm system functions, such as setting and turning off an alarm remotely, as well as turning on and off certain zones. Such features are very useful if you’re away on holiday, or wish to allow someone into your home when you’re not there, but not give them the key to do so.

Of course, alarms have come a long way from the simplistic functionality of such security systems, which have been around almost as long as GPRS on phones. Nowadays, sophisticated home security systems allow you to monitor your whole home remotely, through cameras on your iPhone, or with your smart phone from anywhere in the world. With this advanced technology, it’s possible to look into your living room, or any area of the home and check what’s going on, through your iPhone’s screen – giving you added peace of mind when you are away from your property.

It’s also possible to review such things as event histories on these apps and so see if certain areas have been triggered more often than others. This may then allow you to see whether you have a problem such as a wind prone loose window, or maybe something more malicious is triggering these events. This allows you to troubleshoot and resolve any such issues and so secure your home for the future with this intelligence to hand.

Apps such as these allow you to ensure your home is secure, whether you’re in the airport, in another country, or just out for the night. The fact you can see your home in real time video allows for an added degree of peace of mind and is just one of the ways in which alarm companies are using this great mobile technology to further the development of home security products for the masses.

Popular Home Security Apps

Here is a quick round up of some of the more popular apps for home security systems on the market presently: Free IPhone App

For use the company’s own alarm systems, have developed an app which lets you arm and disarm your home security system remotely, check status on zones, windows and doors within your property and also watch video feeds. Their system is available for both business users and residential customers too.

Locked Up Home Security

This company have developed a wide range of applications which can work with not just your iPhone, but also Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows 7.

Front point Security

This app not only monitors your home security remotely, but also has built in text and email alerts to keep you informed in any eventuality.

Whatever app you choose to keep tabs on your alarm system, you can be sure that these developments are just the start of things to come with regards to protecting your home whilst you are away.


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  1. Peter Murphy says:

    Home security apps are so useful and I love being able to monitor my home security when I’m away from home on business. It’s amazing how much CCTV has advanced in recent years!

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