The Anatomy of a Horrible Web Design Client

Anyone who works in web design has definitely had a few nightmarish experiences with that certain type of client who will pose to you every problem under the sun: Nothing seems to please them, communication is virtually impossible, and they take every opportunity to complain about some new imagined problem. While your gripes about your worst clients may be humorous to share with other designers, these people can undoubtedly make your day to day work a joyless nightmare.

Never fear, however; despite the clients who might make your dream job feel like a nightmare, there are certain tips to remember to ensure that they never get the upper hand. And while these clients might make work a pain, it is easy to see that the salary benefits of a career in web design definitely make the hang-ups worth it. To help you navigate the road ahead, here is a convenient guide to the anatomy of a horrible web design client. Remember: At the end of the day, the best way to deal with these jerks is to have a good laugh, don’t let them get to you, and make sure you get absolutely everything in writing.

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  1. Maya K. says:

    True story awy 😀 To a large extent, this applies to most things design…the endless “No, this isn’t quite it”…and you spend hours developing the design. Only in university, this usually pays off…I guess it doesn’t in real life 😛

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