HTML5 Cheat Sheet Handy When Recoding

Although HTML5 is still in development, you should start learning it now so your site is ready when it is launched. HTML5 will make it easy for web pages to include dynamic multimedia content that can be read by most browsers and devices.

Why HTML5 Is Important

Previous versions of HTML were limited in regards to multimedia. You had to use Flash or JavaScript to add videos and interactive graphics. Not all browsers or devices support these languages, so using HTML5 will eliminate the need to create different pages for individual browsers and platforms.
Mobile devices are supported in HTML5, so sites will not always need a separate mobile site in order to display properly. More and more people are using tablets and smartphones to browse the Internet, so it is important to have a site that will display properly for these devices.

HTML5 lets you add video and audio within the code, so viewers will not need third-party plugins to view your site. Sites that currently use Flash can be recorded in a short time to work on WordPress or a similar platform. This also means that site owners can update their own site without hiring an expensive Flash programmer for every update.

Learning HTML5

HTML5 is largely the same as previous versions of HTML, but there are many new tags. InMotion Hosting has released an easy to use chart that lists existing tags in one section and the updated tags in a different section. It also lists the tags that will not be supported by HTML5 because they have been replaced or no longer needed.

The chart, which can be found at html5 cheat sheet, has been formatted to print on standard size paper, US B or Super B poster size paper. Keep this chart handy when recoding your site to see at a glance which tags to use.

UPDATE: It was pointed out by one of the readers that the link above was outdated and thus updated to an alternative one.

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HTML5 Cheat Sheet

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