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Google Glasses, the hot, hyped, new product from Google X Labs, will be available for people who have glasses prescriptions too. Those bespectacled citizens of the world will be able to bask in the awesomeness of Project Glass too.

The drudging technological morass is over, and bespectacled citizens will have access to the same Google Glasses as everyone else.
The news came when Isabelle Olsson, one of the workers on the industrial team side in Google X Labs, went on Google+ last Thursday to tell everyone that wore glasses that they would be covered with the new augmented reality glasses. They would merely sit right on top of your glasses.
She specifically reported on a question she has been seeing pop up frequently. The question, paraphrased, is that if someone uses prescription glasses, will the Google Glasses work for them? The answer was that Project Glass should work for every person, and there are new designs being experimented with now to try on different types of frames for people. A lot of the team on the Google Glasses project wears frames, so this is especially pertinent to them. Of course, that is nothing new because a lot of people at technology companies wear glasses. Olsson also posted a mock-up of what the glasses might look like. She showed what the glasses might look like in real life.

Google is still at the very beginning stages of coming out with the Glasses, and there are no release plans for 2012. Google has reassured everyone that they are not coming out in 2012, despite a false earlier report. The final design hasn’t yet been confirmed. There are some differences, for example, between the example that Olsson posted and the kind that was worn by Sergey Brin.

Brin had a design that extended over both ears, pinched the nose, and had a frontal visor. However, this chrome version with one ear is not the same as that at all. There will probably be lots of different designs. No one can be sure what the main foremost design will be of all the glasses prototypes out there.
It is still early in the game, and Google is being very secretive about its lasses. There is a lot of Internet chat about them though. Free chat rooms indicate that the Google Glasses are going to be a hot new product. The Internet is abuzz with them.

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