Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi

Have you ever wanted  a portable solution for your internet demands? Do you love the idea of USB modems but you feel it lacks the ability to share the connection among multiple devices at the same time? Do you have a device that doesn’t have a USB port (smart phone or PDA) but you want to have access through it to the internet instead of booting up a laptop? Then you will LOVE this product

I am posting to inform everyone of a product I recently bought which I found very useful. It is the Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi which provides a wireless router on the go.

If you need to share internet across multiple (up to five) devices (laptops, smart phones, etc….) on the go or away from a broadband connection this is the device you are looking for. What I love about this product is that it is battery powered which you can charge of course so even if you don’t have a power supply available, this bad boy can provide up to 4 hours with 5 users connected or on standby for 100 hours. Moreover, the devices is extremely portable and easy to carry as it is smaller than most smart phones (fits in a pocket or purse)

Personally use this device on a daily basis because it keeps me connected at all times and wherever I go, whether I am driving to work, running errands.

Despite the small size and long battery life, this wireless router has AMAZING speed as it can connect to an HSDPA network.

This is NOT a paid endorsement, I am recommending this product because it has made my life so much better and hope it does the same for you.

P.S Here is a snapshot of the speedtest.net test I ran while connected to the router

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4 Responses to Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi

  1. Olfat says:

    What’s the difference between the normal internet USB and the mobile wifi other than that it can hook up several devices?

    • @Olfat, the other advantages are:
      1) You can share the connection with devices that may not have a USB port like smart phones. You can subscribe to a data and voice plan on the phone’s but choices are horrible.

      a) 3 LE Daily 15 MB Bundle (total monthly 45MB for 90LE) Extra MB for 1 LE
      b) 5 LE Unlimited Daily Bundle (Unlimited MBs) Fixed speed of 60kbps after exceeding 50 MBs per day
      c) 50 LE Monthly Bundle (500 MB limit) Extra MB for 1 LE
      d) 90 LE Unlimited Monthly Bundle (Unlimited MBs) Fixed speed of 60kbps after exceeding 1.5 GB per month

      However, I use 3-4GB a month so now i can share this access with iphone

      you can find more info at http://www.vodafone.com.eg/vodafoneportalWeb/en/P11401215901311588540620

      2) requires no software to be installed on the platforms like the USB modem. All you need a device that has a wireless router

      There may be other but these are the top that I am aware of

  2. Nermin says:

    I guess it’s attractive for group connections. E.g. If a two friends and I want to use internet we don’t have to wait on 1 usb stick. But sadly it’s not as effecient bandwidth wise as a usb stick. The prices are okay.. but 1.5 GB is simply not enough with the media content of today: Picture heavy sites, sites like youtube if you may. Especially that more and more people are making video tutorials as opposed to written ones.
    I guess it’s a good use for emergency light, texting, chatting and browsing but not more than that. Not for downloading emergencies.

    • @Nermin, no it is not ONLY for group connections. As you can see from the speed test, it is a broadband connection 422kb/s which is the equivalent of a 4mb DSL connection so it can satisfy the need of 2 friends very comfortably. The plans listed are for the voice and data plans which i agree are horrible thus i subscribed for a data only 6GB per month connection with Vodafone and simply put the sim card inside. As i said before, i am a heavy internet user and 1.5GB doesn’t get me even half way through the month.

      Moreover, the biggest problem i had was that i am always on the move and the iPhone is the primary device that i have on me at all time, obviously the iPhone and i would say all smart phones do not have a usb port. Thus even if i had the vodafone usb modem with a great plan, it is useless when i am want a quick access to the internet and do not want to boot up a laptop. This router solves the problem by providing a wireless connection to the internet so whatever the device (as long as it has a wireless network card) can be connected wherever you are.

      So i would suggest anyone like me who demands a constant and steady connection to broadband internet while on the move to buy this device.

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