TeamViewer 7 upgrade warning

I am posting to warn all techies of the latest update of TeamViewer (version 7)

After updating my desktop client from the 6th version to the 7th, I was impressed with the faster performance and revised UI which looks smoother.

Before said upgrade I was accessing my desktop with ease either from the iPhone app or the PC at work, however since version 7 which does not have a compatible version in the Installous app I am currently unable to access the desktop anymore from my IPhone (which has version 6 installed).

So despite the attractiveness of the UI and faster performance of version 7, I would not recommend the upgrade from 6 to users who depend on accessing their PCs from apple products like IPhone or IPad.

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1 Response to TeamViewer 7 upgrade warning

  1. Julio Melendez says:

    Necesito hacer una upgrade a teamviewer 7, en version no comercial.

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